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4th June 2019
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Here it is, yet another exciting opportunity for the children of Showtime Circus!

Wacky Wizard has weaved his magic and arranged for the ShowSquad to open the show during one of the magic circles flagship magic nights, “At Home 2019”

These shows are the featured showcase, where the finest magicians and members of the Inner Magic Circle come to show their skills to the public. Wacky Wizard (or Gareth as he’s known at the Magic Circle) has performed here many times, and has been asked to invite the amazing children of Showtime Circus, to come along, open the show on stage, and also watch the remaining magic show, including the tour of building and pre-show parlour magic sets! WOW!

Wacky Wizard has assembled some of his closest and finest colleagues for this evening on Tuesday 8th October, to ensure that you all are in safe hands.


To book your discounted tickets, you must do so via the link, select UNRESERVED SEATS and use the code “TREAT” before Tuesday 11th June, as tickets will then be released to the public at full price! so.. here are the instructions again..

  1. visit The Magic Circle
  3. enter the code “TREAT” all uppercase
  4. do this before Tuesday 11th June

You’ll be able to buy drinks in the venue, all the details are on the site. We will be going for dinner before, so check the WhatsApp group for more information!

Yours Magically

Wacky Wizard, Associate of The Inner Magic Circle 😉 SHAZZAM

29th March 2019

Another circus film! YAY!

I don’t know about you, but we’re SUPER EXCITED about what Tim Burton has to offer with his live action remake of the Disney classic, “Dumbo”.

Not only is there a super cute baby elephant with huge ears who can fly using magic, who’s story is one of triumph and courage despite his troubles, bullying, and size, but also the production have insisted upon using some of the finest real-life circus performers from across the globe. One of whom is our friend, Josh Brown, who you’ll see flipping off a trapeze, as well as super talented dancers!

We think this is great, as it will add a real amount of genuine talent, direct from the ground of circus, that only really exists in the circus! Unlike “The Greatest Showman” where we were slightly disappointed to see far too much CGI where real circus performers could have added the talent they’ve trained so hard to perfect.

I think this movie will really embody what the circus is about, when you see fire-performers actually breathing fire, and genuine clown acts, I just don’t think that can be faked. A lot of credit has to go to the Circus Choreographer, a Hungarian man by the name of Kristian Kristoff, known in the industry as “Gentleman Juggler” who brings 30 years of talent as well as multiple Guinness World Records, we are all excited to see how its portrayed!

“And now, I present to you the worlds smallest little elephant, who will spring form the springboard in one spring to the top of the pyramid, waving his little flag for the grand climax, Ladies and Gentleman, I give you…… Dumbo!” – The Ringmasters Voice, Dumbo (1941)

25th March 2019

To celebrate our 1st Birthday, Showtime Circus would love to give away one of our fabulous personalised jackets, seen here beautifully modelled by our very own superstar, Flippy Whippy!

To be in with a chance of winning, all you have to do, is to leave us a review, and we will choose a winner at random. The winning review will receive a jacket in the size of their choice, with their chosen name embroidered on the front. You have until the 9th April to enter, so start typing, and GOOD LUCK!

Leave your review here

13th March 2019

It has been a busy week for the team at Showtime Circus, as we’ve opened our doors to the children of  St. Albans at the fabulous Trestle Arts Base, which we are very excited about. However, we have still managed to make time to go and support some local productions, by going to watch two wonderful circus themed shows.

First up, was “Barnum – The Musical” at the Radlett Centre, by The Radlett Musical Theatre Company. This was a great production with some very talented performers who really treated us to a spectacle, including all the usual aspects of musical theatre, with of course, some thrills of the circus too. It’s great that Circus has really grabbed the attention of the public, as we do throughly love what we do, so making it accessible to everyone is our goal too. If you saw the show and loved it as much as we did, then do come along and learn Stilt-Walking, Aerial Hoop, Tight-Wire, and more!

We then popped along to Heath Mount School near Welwyn, to watch a Circus themed dance show by the Cassana Performance Academy, the highlight was definitely the adorably cute lion cubs doing their tap dance. It was a fantastically put together show and I LOVE all of the references to circus and themed songs

26th February 2019

Well, I think it’s safe to say that the teachers had the BEST time at Half Term camp, and the smiles on the faces of the children there proves that they did too!

I am SO happy that I have been able to share the joy of circus to so many children in Harpenden, and they made me incredibly proud with how hard they worked when they really wanted to persevere and get a certain skill!


Monday was our busiest day and we thoroughly enjoyed playing games to warm up and then getting stuck in to learning circus skills. We learnt aerial hoop with OranguJAN, straight from performing as a soloist on the Catwalk of Fashion Week, hula hoop, poi and acrobalance with me, Jolly Mess, Stiltwalking and Tightrope with Wacky Wizard and balloon modelling and acro with Silly Sausage Sarah. It is incredible to see how some children really take to a certain skill, they will keep on trying if it is something that they really want to achieve. Each child finds a different skill, and I think it is fascinating to see how their learning attitude changes as they approach each different station!

Tuesday we had Amazing Aaron come in after a full morning of circus to do work with the children on clowning, story telling and mime. We made sock puppets in our afternoon craft (we do half an hour of crafting everyday after lunch to let our tummies settle before going upside down!) Some of our sock puppets really came to life, we had youtube celebrities enter the room in sock puppet form and had such a giggle watching their characters come to life. Meanwhile next door, it was Teens Hangaround, we had cakes, doughnuts and SO MUCH FUN! We learnt aerial hoop, silks and trapeze, had a whole tower of stiltwalkers, acrobats, jugglers and unicyclists galore. Teen Tuesday is fast becoming our favourite thing!

Wednesday was our favourite day by FAR! We had a magic workshop! The children had to walk into our magical land via a very special entrance and all secrets were only allowed to be talked about in there in order to keep the magic alive. I’m sure those who watched the Showtime Showcase on Friday will have seen how incredibly hard they worked and how mesmerising their magical dance was! We also did our normal circus skills after this as well – phew, busy day!

Thursday we had the amazing Curly Twurly in teaching Baton Twirling which EVERY SINGLE CHILD enjoyed – even the more shy boys who I never thought I’d see twirling a flower stick around were absolutely loving life as her energy is so infectious and the children actually love her! We also did more circus including learning how to walk on HUGE stilts and going upside down on aerial silks!

Friday was our SHOW DAY!! This includes lots of rehearsing numbers and practising tricky moves/equipment that we wish to show our parents that we’ve mastered! The show was made up of numbers that the children had worked on each day and lasted about 40mins.

We loved EVERY second and were SO proud of them!

Particularly a HUGE well done to our scholarship winner who we cannot WAIT to see back at camp over Easter!

The dates for our Easter Camp are: 15th-19th April.

This means that the Showtime Showcase will be on Good Friday – but we’re going to rename it AMAZING Friday! If you’d like to book on to Easter Camp then please use this discount code to get a HUGE 25% off if you book before March 15th: WXG161


If your child enjoyed their time at Showtime Circus, please do kindly leave us a facebook or google review 🙂


15th February 2019
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😆 Who’s excited for half term?!


🎪 What an amazing week we have lined up at circus camp!


As well as having a packed schedule of skills lessons, games and crafts, we also have an incredible list of special guest teachers workshops! 

An example of the skills lessons we’ll be teaching include:

  • Aerial Hoop
  • Aerial Silks
  • Magic
  • Dance 
  • Tight rope 
  • Juggling
  • Plate spinning 
  • Poi
  • Acrobatics 
  • Baton twirling

Guest teachers workshops:

🤡 Clowning Workshop

Amazing Aaron will be holding a very special clowning workshop, teaching the children how to act and be silly, incorporating mime and comedy.  🤜 Kappow!

🎩 Magic Workshop

Wacky Wizard will be passing on his magical knowledge, direct from the Magic Circle, with a workshop on misdirection and performance.✨ Shazam!

👐 Baton Twirling Workshop

Kurly Twurly will be teaching the kids how to baton twirl, and how to combine hand-eye coordination with grace and dance.  🌈 Oopla!

🎭 Musical Theatre Workshop

Nick Collier (Book Of Mormon, CATS, Wicked) will be gracing us with his almighty west-end presence to teach the kids everything musical theatre. 👐 Jazz Hands! 

And of course, we’ll have all of our other amazing teachers too, which will all culminate in the End of week showcase, which is Mary Poppins themed “Cor’ Blimey Guv’nor!” 💨☂️

We still have a few spaces left from Tuesday onwards, so if you haven’t done so already, book now!

13th February 2019

After weeks of rehearsal and anticipation, I was super excited to finally see my “circus six” perform at this years gym and dance display at SJL. Jolly-Mess Junior and I took our seats and could definitely feel the excitement in the air, I could see everyone warming up and saw Circus Seahorse, Evie BeDazzle, Flexi Roxi, Gazelle, Geeky Giraffe and Phoenix Rose looking immaculate in their circus costumes, last minute nerves calmed a little by the gift of creme eggs and a group cuddle 😉

I was SO impressed by the set up and the standard, it was amazing to see so many children love an activity SO much, especially teenagers. It warmed my heart that there were siblings performing together and I especially enjoyed the Spiteri trio, it was fantastic to see what Matilda could do after working with her in panto this year! Another shout out must go to the duo that was a definite highlight, Abi and Gabi Centro did a really clever and beautiful ballet and hip hop duet and I really enjoyed the concept and choreo, well done if you’re reading this 🙂

Obviously the stars of the show in my opinion were my Showtime Circus Six, I have been impressed by the level of maturity shown when devising this piece and they didn’t have a lot of input by me. Every opportunity is a learning curve and I have seen the girls grow as a group as they learn group dynamics and diplomacy, as well as some very impressive circus skills. They were well groomed and costumed and had a level of performance that made my heart so happy (they clearly listen to us teachers yelling “smile” and “enjoy it” occasionally!) Their moves on the lollipop hoop were executed with professionalism and confidence and you could clearly see that everyone was impressed by what they could do.

We both enjoyed it so much and could really feel the buzz in the air! It was a huge honour to be included in it this year and would like to thank SJL for allowing us to take part. We would LOVE to come back some time 😉

11th February 2019

I’m delighted to be able to tell you all about an exciting evening that we will be hosting!

It’s a full on Cabaret Show, with a whole host of some of the worlds best entertainers, including stars of the West End Stage, Cirque du Soleil and The Magic Circle! It promises to be an amazing evening, with all of the proceeds going to charity, with the remaining funds aiding in our upcoming trip to Benidorm Palace (eek!)

Tickets are priced at just £35.00 each, and will be sold in multiples of 10 per table. Not only will you be thoroughly entrained throughout the evening by an International line-up, but you’ll also be privileged to see a very special performance by our very own SHOWTIME CIRCUS SHOW-SQUAD, a group of our elite performers whom we have watched grow week in and week and out.

There will be Acrobatics, Fire, Singing, Acrobatics, Aerial, Juggling, Pick-Pocketing, Comedy and Magic, as well as drinks and food, so don’t delay, and email us now to enquire about a table!