Showtime Circus Squad - Showtime Circus®

Weekly Classes for Children involved in Showtime ShowSquad

2 Hour Classes

These weekly classes are made up of conditioning, team building and rehearsing our routines for upcoming performances.

Weekly classes last for our existing children who are performing in upcoming events.

In this class we will be rehearsing specific routines and moves for any shows that are planned.

Previous Performances from our amazing ShowSquad:

  • Benidorm Palace
  • Harpenden Panto – Snow White & The Seven Dwarves
  • The Greatest Showman “Live”
  • Harpenden Christmas Lights Switch-On
  • Stratford Shopping Centre Christmas Lights Switch-On
  • The Magic Circle
  • Keech Hospice Charity Event


The beautiful art of forming shapes with your body, while suspended from height, either on a hoop, rope, or silks.


The performance of extraordinary human feats of balance, agility and motor co-ordination.


An amazing skill which uses advanced hand-eye co-ordination.

It is scientifically proven that circus skills can greatly assist in the development of children’s brains, as well aiding in the growth in communication and social skills



“I wanted a chance to spread the happiness and joy that exists when watching the circus, by enabling children to learn from, and perform alongside, other industry professionals. My aim is to open possibilities to children that they may only have ever dreamed about!”